Tips for a great summer

Tips for a Healthy Summer
1. Ensure you have sufficient water whenever you feel thirsty. Atleast 3-4 litres a day.
2. It is best to shop either early morning or late evenings to avoid the heat/getting parched/ avoid strokes.
3. When out always make it a point to carry a water bottle alongwith you.
4. Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe/ musk melon, grapes, oranges, sweet limes are high in water content and can be had at brunch/ snacks to quench your thirst and hunger.
5. Balance your food with salad, sprouts can be had during meals or as chats.
6. Kulfis and popsicles made of milk and fruits can be enjoyed to keep your thirst at bay.
7. Ragi, jowar, nachni are supposed to be cooling food alongwith millets they can be included one time in your meals.
8. Rice is very good during summers. Idlis, dosas, kheer, curd rice are great to be made with rice.
9. Cotton clothing is the best during summers. Caps, sunglasses, umbrellas can be used with out.
10. Milk and curd can be had in various combinations like smoothies, milkshakes, lassis, buttermilk to keep you satiated.
11. Whenver you return from outside you can sprinkle some water over your face this ensure you get back the lost moisture due heat.
12. Its best to avoid too spicy or too oily food during summers, either of them could cause acidity.
13. Homecooked food with less oil and spice will do good in summers.
14. Coconut water is best for summers, more cooling have it as sol kadhi or as gravies.
14. Too salty or too sweet food could leave you thirsty ensure you take adequate amount of fluids to avoid getting thirsty or dizzy.
15. A little coconut oil applied on the centre of your head when it is too hot can do go for children and adults too.
16. A cool bath and talcum is refreshing and helps maintain the body temperature.
17. Don’t forget to enjoy mangoes and jackfruits.
Happy summers 🌞🍉🍹☂

Pani Poori/ Golgappas



Pani Poori has become a regular fare at our place, thanks to it being homemade right from pooris to the tangy water. Golgappas in Bengal/ Pani Poori in North, it is a ladies delight and one mouthful will bring a smile to anyone. My humble attempt at the dish which is very famous all over the world. The ingredients are:-

For pooris

1 cup sooji

1 tablespoon rice flour
Water to bind
A pinch of baking powder (optional)


For paani

1/2 bunch pudina/ mint leaves
1 tsp fennel seeds ground
1 green chilly
1 red chilly
1 tsp chaat masala
1 tbsp Black salt
1/2 tsp asafoetida
1 inch ginger
1 tbsp raisin
1 litre water

For meetha paani/ tamrind chutney

1 cup dates
1/2 cup tamarind

Potato moong mix

2-3 medium potatoes
1 small cup sprouted moong (boiled)
Chaat masala – 1/2 tsp
Garam masala a pinch
Salt to taste


  1. Potato mix – Boil all the ingredients in the same cooker, insert the moong in a bowl and place in the cooker. Mash it an add all the spices and keep aside
  2. For poori – Combine all the ingredients and knead to a firm dough for about 20-30 minutes. Roll medium thick rotis/ chappatis and cut with a round cutter. Heat oil in a kadhai for frying and press in the oil one side to fluff up.
  3. For Meetha paani – Boil all the ingredients together after deseeding the dates and mash with a spoon.
  4. For theeka paani – Grind all the ingredients for paani, and the powders can be added separately. Lastly at 2-3 tbsps of meetha paani/ sweet chutney given above to the water alongwith the ground ingredients

Learn how to make your own sprouts



Sprouts are a great way to keep you satiated during the summers.  If the climate is getting humid, indulge in sprouts they not only keep you satiated but also are filling when done in a number of dishes like salads, rice, gravies. Follow this four step method for your sprouts



1. Wash the legume well, I have used green moong. Soak in for 5-6 hours till it fluffs and is tender


2. Drain the water completely


3. Cover it with a muslin cloth and keep in a closet or a warm area.


4. After about 18 hours you will see the sprouts coming out. This is perfect to be used in any dish.


All the best. Your sprouts are ready for use and can be used for any of your dishes. You can boil the excess with salt and keep in the fridge for daily use.

Advantages of sprouts:-

  1. It is the best form of protein.
  2. Great to used during pregnancy for baby weight
  3. It is the most fastest and soluble form of food.
  4. It helps to control weight if eaten moderately once a day.
  5. It is wholesome and therefore the best food.

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Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.