Daily Regime – Skin Care


Daily beauty regime

Early morning when you wake it is good to have a glass of warm water.  Followed by brushing and washing your face.  Let the face settle for 5-10 minutes before applying your sunscreen. Let us see the skin types per individual and care to be taken.

Your skin comprises of four types

1. Normal
2. Dry
3 Combination
4 Oily

A perfect balance of Oil and Dryness would fall in normal complexion. While it fairs well, proper routine of washing and application of Sunscreen would help.

This type of skin lacks the essential oils which can be naturally produced. The oil can be maintained either through food intake or by external application of moisturises. This type of skin needs cleansers without Salicyclic acid.

This type of skin is with the T zone starting forhead to nose and then chin being oily. The face can be washed upto 2-3 times depending on the oiliness and weather.

Oily skin is the type of skin which requires more maintenance in summers and less in winters. In winters the skin can be washed upto 2 times. And summers can be more. Usually face washes with Salycyclic acid is recommended or as per physician.
Your daily regime could consist of:-
Wash your face with a mild cleanser during winter months to avoid drying upto 2 times i.e. morning and evening.
A sunscreen should be applied on the face till about 5 pm. A sunscreen with the power of SPF 30 should be used.

Lip balm
A lip balm should be applied to avoid drying of lips even when indoor

You can apply kajal in the mornings to give your eyes a defined look daily. There are quite a few products which can be used to enhance your eyes. We shall discuss in our next session.

1. If you have sensitive acne prone skin kindly avoid overuse of scrubs.
2. You may need to consult a doctor and correct your diet reducing dairy, sweets and oily food.
3. Water along with fruits and vegetables is a must.
4. A daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising could be beneficial at night.
5. Before applying makeup use a moisturising cream.
6. Exercise like walking, cycling help in overall toning of your body. All minimal house work can help you get back in shape. You can also join a gym for a toned body.
7. You can have a cleanup once a month for oily skin once the acne clears up and for regular skin after 35 years a facial can be done.

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