Idli Sambar (Dip)

Idli SambarDip Idli Sambar or Tub Idli Sambar makes a very healthy breakfast.  It is very common these days in most Mangalorean households too. A wholesome breakfast, full of carbs, protein and fibre to ensure you stay full till your lunch time.  I like this lip smacking breakfast with a generous amount of sambar, keeps me satiated to the fullest.

Serves 4-5 people
Makes – 21 idlis

2 and 3/4 cups idli rawa
1 cup udad dal (whole without husk)

1. Soak the udad dal for 5-6 hours in water (1 inch above the dal)
2. Grind the udad dal to a fine texture with water.
3. In the meanwhile, roast the idli rawa on moderate heat till very hot (do not brown) and close the heat.
4. Add some water and let the rawa fluff up. Drain the water either by placing the sooji in a clean cloth or squeezing the sooji in both your hands.
5. Mix well with the urad dal batter and a little salt and let it ferment overnight. Check the batter, it should fall off from the spoon.
6. In the morning first heat the idli container with water and then grease some idli vessels or idli stand if you have and pour the batter in them.
7. Let it steam on moderate high for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes increase the flame to high. Check with a knife if cooked.
8. Serve with sambar/ chutney.

You can find recipe of  sambar here

1. Take care while pouring water into the hot sooji it starts bubbling.
2. You can soak for 3-4 hours too in the evening.
3. Preheat the idli container with water so that it cooks and fluffs up faster.
4. The batter should be of pouring consistency and should fall off from the spoon not completely though. This check ensures the right consistency of batter.

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