Learn how to make your own sprouts



Sprouts are a great way to keep you satiated during the summers.  If the climate is getting humid, indulge in sprouts they not only keep you satiated but also are filling when done in a number of dishes like salads, rice, gravies. Follow this four step method for your sprouts



1. Wash the legume well, I have used green moong. Soak in for 5-6 hours till it fluffs and is tender


2. Drain the water completely


3. Cover it with a muslin cloth and keep in a closet or a warm area.


4. After about 18 hours you will see the sprouts coming out. This is perfect to be used in any dish.


All the best. Your sprouts are ready for use and can be used for any of your dishes. You can boil the excess with salt and keep in the fridge for daily use.

Advantages of sprouts:-

  1. It is the best form of protein.
  2. Great to used during pregnancy for baby weight
  3. It is the most fastest and soluble form of food.
  4. It helps to control weight if eaten moderately once a day.
  5. It is wholesome and therefore the best food.

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