Red Onion Coconut Chutney


I had been to Mangalore for vacations and every vacation wherever I go I have something new to learn could be about the place or just the food. This time I learnt a chutney by my aunt and it was good with idlis.



2 kashmiri red chillies
1 big onion
1/4 cup coconut
A small pinch of cummin seeds/ jeera
1 small piece of tamarind
A small piece of jaggery/ unrefined sugar
Salt to taste
Little water to grind

For tempering
1 tsp ghee
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
A pinch of jeera
1. Make a paste of the above ingredients
2. Temper with ghee, mustard seeds and jeera.

Tip – You can also use 1 kashmiri chilly and 1 small red chilly for more pungent taste.

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